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!!the kinks!!

Aunque ha habido numerosos cambios en las filas de la banda, los hermanos Davies siempre se han mantenido como núcleo de la misma.

Ray Davies: voz, coros, guitarra rímica, teclados, letras
Dave Davies: guitarra solista, guitarra rítmica, coros
Mick Avory: batería y percusión
Pete Quaife: bajo (1964- abril de 1966; noviembre de 1966-1969)
John Dalton: bajo (1966-1967; 1969-1976;1978)
Andy Pyle: bajo (1976-1978)
Jim Rodford: bajo (1979-1984)
John Gosling: teclados (1970-1978)
Gordon Edwards: teclados (1978-1979)
Ian Gibbons: teclados (1979-1984-)

Ray Davies: voz, coros, guitarra rímica, letras
Dave Davies: guitarra solista, guitarra rítmica, coros, letras
Jim Rodford: bajo
Bob Henrit: batería
Mick Avory: manager



En estudio (discografía británica)
The Kinks (Pye, 1964)
Kinda Kinks (Pye, 1965)
The Kink Kontroversy (Pye, 1965)
Face to Face (Pye, 1966)
Something Else by The Kinks (Pye, 1967)
The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (Pye, 1968)
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) (Pye, 1969)
Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (Pye, 1970)
Percy (Banda sonora) (Pye, 1970)
Muswell Hillbillies (RCA, 1971)
Everybody's in Show-Biz (RCA, 1972)
Preservation Act 1 (RCA, 1973)
Preservation Act 2 (RCA, 1974)
Soap Opera (RCA, 1975)
Schoolboys in Disgrace (RCA, 1976)
Sleepwalker (Arista, 1977)
Misfits (Arista, 1978)
Low Budget (Arista, 1979)
Give the People What They Want (Arista, 1981)
State of Confusion (Arista, 1983)
Word of Mouth (Arista, 1984)
Think Visual (London, 1986)
UK Jive (London, 1989)
Phobia (London, 1993)

Live at Kelvin Hall (Pye, 1968)
One for the Road (Arista, 1980)
The Road (London, 1988)
To the Bone (Konk, 1994 / Guardian, 1997)
Principales Recopilatorios
The Kinks ("The Black Album") (Pye, 1970)
The Kink Kronikles (Reprise, 1972)
The Great Lost Kinks Album (Reprise, 1973)
The Kink's Greatest - Celluloid Heroes (RCA, 1976)
Come Dancing with The Kinks - The Best of The Kinks 1977-1986 (Arista, 1986)
The Album that Never Was (PRT, 1987)
The EP Collection Vol. 1 & 2 (See For Miles, 1990/91)
Fab Forty: The Singles Collection 1964-1970 (Charly, 1990)
Lost and Found (1986-1989) (MCA, 1991)
BBC Sessions 1964-1977 (Sanctuary, 2001)
The Ultimate Collection (Sanctuary, 2002)

(discografía británica)

"Long tall Sally" (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell)/ "I took my baby home" (Pye, 1964)
"You still want me"/ "You do something to me" (Pye, 1964)
"You really got me"/ "It's alright" (Pye, 1964)
"All day and all of the night"/ "I gotta move" (Pye, 1964)
"Tired of waiting for you"/ "Come on now" (Pye, 1965)
"Everybody's gonna be happy"/ "Who'll be the next in line" (Pye, 1964)
"Set me free"/ "I need you" (Pye, 1965)
"See my friends"/ "Never met a girl like you before" (Pye, 1965)
"Till the end of the day"/ "Where have all the good times gone" (Pye, 1965)
"Dedicated follower of fashion"/ "Sittin' on my sofa" (Pye, 1966)
"Sunny afternoon"/ "I'm not like everybody else" (Pye, 1966)
"Dead end street"/ "Big black smoke" (Pye, 1966)
"Waterloo sunset"/ "Act nice and gentle" (Pye, 1967)
"Atumn almanac"/ "Mr. Pleasant" (Pye, 1967)
"Wonderboy"/ "Polly" (Pye, 1968)
"Days"/ "She's got everything" (Pye, 1968)
"Plastic man"/ "King Kong" (Pye, 1969)
"Drivin'"/ "Mindless child of motherhood" (Pye, 1969)
"Shangri-la"/ "This man he weeps tonight" (Pye, 1969)
"Victoria"/ "Mr. Churchill says" (Pye, 1969)
"Lola"/ "Berkeley mews" (Pye, 1970)
"Apeman"/ "Rats" (Pye, 1970)
"God's children"/ "The way love used to be" (Pye, 1971)
"Supersonic rocket ship"/ "You don't know my name" (RCA, 1972)
"Celluloid heroes"/ "Hot potatoes" (RCA, 1972)
"Sitting in the midday sun"/ "One of the survivors" (RCA, 1973)
"Sweet lady Genevieve"/ "Sitting in my hotel" (RCA, 1973)
"Mirror of love"/ "He's evil" (RCA, 1974)
"Holiday romance"/ "Shepherds of the nation" (RCA, 1974)
"Ducks on the wall"/ "Rush hour blues" (RCA, 1975)
"You can't stop the music"/ "Have another drink" (RCA, 1975)
"No more looking back"/ "Jack the idiot dunce"/ "The hard way" (RCA, 1976)
"Sleepwalker"/ "Full moon" (Arista, 1977)
"Juke box music"/ "Sleepless night" (Arista, 1977)
"Father Christmas"/ "Prince of the punks" (Arista, 1977)
"A Rock'n'Roll fantasy"/ "Artificial light" (Arista, 1978)
"Live life"/ "In a foreign land" (Arista, 1978)
"Black messiah"/ "Misfits" (Arista, 1978)
"(Wish I could fly like) Superman"/ "Low budget" (Arista, 1979)
"Moving pictures"/ "In a space" (Arista, 1979)
"Pressure"/ "National health" (Arista, 1979)
"Better things"/ "Massive reductions" (Arista, 1981)
"Predictable"/ "Back to front" (Arista, 1981)
"Come dancing"/ "Noise" (Arista, 1982)
"Don't forget to dance"/ "Bernadette" (Arista, 1983)
"Good day"/ "Too hot" (Arista, 1984)
"Do it again"/ "Guilty" (Arista, 1985)
"How are you"/ "Killing time" (London, 1986)
"Lost and found"/ "Killing time" (London, 1987)
"The road"/ "Art lover" (London, 1988)
"Down all the days (till 1992)"/ "You really got me" live (London, 1989)
"How do I get close"/ "War is over" (London, 1990)
"Scattered"/ "Hatred (a duet)"/ "Days" (Columbia, 1993)
"Only a dream"/ "Somebody stole my car" (Columbia, 1993)

(no recopilatorios)
Kinksize Session (Pye, 1964)
"Louie Louie" (Richard Berry)
"I gotta go now"
"Things are getting better"
"I've got that feeling"
Kwyet Kinks (Pye, 1965)
"Wait till the summer comes along"
"Such a shame"
"A well respected man"
"Don't you fret"

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